Flaskhållare o flaska

434 kr
Inkl. 25% Moms
Wunderlich flask holder (sold separately)

Our bottle holder means you can use the unused space between the body and fork sensibly and in just a few moves.

The facts about the Wunderlich flask holder:
Now you no longer have to store spare engine oil, gas or even drinks in your case or topcase
The bottle attaches securely thanks to slip-proof rubber pads and adhesive strap
Made from powder-coated stainless steel
For use with our all-purpose flask with item no.: 43583-000
Detailed and very easy to understand instructions
Simple assembly on the original points
Made in Germany
5 year warranty

Aluminium flask (sold separately)
Safe storage for that emergency engine oil or gas (also suitable for food products).
The facts about the Wunderlich reserve flask :
Suitable as a reserve container for engine oil, gas or even drinks (real food products)
Direct filling from the fuel pump thanks to the wide neck closure
Explosion-proof, with UN approval
Screw closure with aluminium seal
Made of pure aluminium (AL99.5)
Contents 600 ml
Ø 74 mm, height 192 mm
5 year warranty