Motorskyddsbåge - K1600 GT/GTL, Bagger, Grand America

4 054 kr
Inkl. 25% Moms
Wunderlich Engine protection bar set - black or chrome

The developing the engine protection bars for the K1600, we were able to strike an ideal balance. On the one hand, we created a beautifully shaped bar that integrates perfectly into the design of the large, yet dynamically styled K1600, without making the bike appear even more massive. We followed and expanded on the lines of the fairing as well as the angle of the motor. On the other hand, we created a protection bar made of ideally shaped and complexly formed round tubing that will protect the bike, not only in a tip over situation, but also in worse mishaps.

Each engine bar is attached to the bike at three points, all of which are capable of handling large tensile and compression loads. In an impact situation, the forces are spread over the multiple attachment points. The bar need not be removed for routine maintenance, nor does it impede serviceability in any way. Cornering and ground clearances are not compromised. The bars are also fully compatible with the original BMW driving lights.

The facts:
Nicely shaped, integrated design
Three attachment points, each bar
Complexly shaped 25mm OD round tubing
Routine maintenance not affected
Cornering clearance not compromised
Supplied complete with all needed hardware and instructions
No modifications to the bike or fairing required
Made in Germany

K1600 GT/GTL
K1600 Bagger/Grand America - Not with OEM crash bar or floorboards.