Tankskyddsbåge - F700 GS, F800 GS

2 381 kr
Inkl. 25% Moms
Wunderlich Tank protector for "Basic" or "Adventure" crash bars
We have developed this new and professional tank protector especially for all years of the BMW F700/F800 GS. In combination with the approved crash bars Basic and Adventure this stable guard protects the upper parts of the fairing very effectively. The resilient mounting points absorb the occurring forces reliably and prevent from costly damage which might arise from tipping over after a crash.

This tank guard forms a stable and homogeneous unit with the crash bar and it's optic fits perfectly to the design of the F700/F800 GS. It will be delivered in black color with a complete mounting kit and fitting instruction.

And in spite of the hand crafted, plastic coated steel pipe, it is a light weight.

Can be mounted in combination with Wunderlich crash bar
Basic: WUN-26550-102 or WUN-26550-104
Adventure: WUN-26540-002, WUN-26540-004,
WUN-26540-102 or WUN-26540-104.

WUN-41580-004 and -002 fits:
F700 GS
F800 GS (08/2012 - 2016)

WUN-41580-104 and -102 fits:
F800 GS (2017-)