Vindruta "EXTREME" - F750 GS, F850 GS

2 257 kr
Inkl. 25% Moms
Wunderlich Windscreen "EXTREME"

This windscreen is the absolute first choice for all riders looking for the perfect wind and weather protection for their F750 GS / F850 GS.
Inspired by our tried and tested Marathon windscreen, we've once again perfected the protection primarily at the bottom around the windscreen. The extended flaps on the sides provided significantly less turbulent airflow especially around the body and the underarms.
The windscreen provides an optimum view of the front wheel. It is 5 mm thick and extremely stable, it doesn't wobble and offers a 100% visually clean view.

The facts:
Perfect wind protection, even at high speed
No turbulence thanks to clear flow
Elimination of vibrations in helmet area
Optimum protection for hands, arms and upper body
Widened flaps at the bottom for additional comfort and protection
Simple assembly
Optimum aerodynamics
No water droplets on visor in rainy conditions (vacuum turbulence)
Very robust, visually clean and gas-resistant plastic
5 mm material thickness
Width 600 mm, height 460 mm
5 year warranty
With ABE

Available in four versions:
Item no. WUN-20230-304, transparent, for long original windscreen bracket
Item no. WUN-20230-305, smoky, for long original windscreen bracket
Item no. WUN-20230-404, transparent, for short original windscreen bracket
Item no. WUN-20230-405, smoky, for short original windscreen bracket