Vindruta "RAID VARIO" - F800 GSA

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Wunderlich Windscreen "RAID VARIO"

A windscreen to use for sport, touring, summer and off-road in one – a real sensation for a stress-free and individual riding. A driving pleasure thanks to the quick release fastener.

The facts:
Maximum protection for head, upper body and arms.
Widened considerably at the bottom (transition to the protectors), provides a perfect protection for hands and arms.
The wide flaps in the upper part protect the head and the upper body without turbulences.
Continuously variable height thanks to the two-parts construction.
Easy and quick to adjust: just release the rapid fastening and slide it.
It can be adjusted for every rider and riding habit.
When needed, just slide to the bottom and the view field becomes bigger, the wind can flow to the rider unhindered.
By rain there is no water games on the visor (low pressure turbulences).
The design closes the holes to the headlamp and provides an harmonious and impressive look.
Made of Lexan plastic, very strong, optical pure (clear vision!!) and petrol resistant.
Easy and quick mounting.
5 years of guarantee.
The unique manufacturing technology allows complexes moulding, which makes a perfect wind protection possible.
With ABE.

Fits: F800 GSA (2013-)