Vindruta "Rockster-Trimm" - R1150 R Rockster

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Sport screen "Rockster-Trimm" - clear

This is an aerodynamic masterpiece, which is very faithful to the original design of the Rockster and blends masterfully into the overall layout.

What you get is a racy naked bike with a discreet yet sporty screen with a unique adjustability feature:
Not only can the screen be brought 40 mm closer to the rider, but its height can also be adjusted by 25 mm.
In this way every Rockster rider should have no problems in finding his or her own personal screen setting.
Made of 6 mm (!) thick, shatterproof polycarbonate plastic. Elaborately manufactured and anodised aluminium brackets,
reduced to an absolute minimum weight.

ABE certified with all fitting parts. Easy to fit.
(B x H): 37 cm x 26,5 cm

Fits: R1150 R Rockster