Vindruta "SPORT" - R1200 R (-12)

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Windscreen Sport R1200 R - smoke grey

"Naked Screen" R windshield
This windscreen is the perfect symbiosis of windshield and screen. Not as thick and bulky as a large windscreen, but big enough to give significant relief to the upper body. The windshield only protrudes 130 mm over the instruments of the "R", so the roadster completely retains its sporty look. The transition from the headlight to the windshield is visually well designed.

The facts:
Simple assembly
Comfortable, turbulence-free airflow
Significant upper body relief
Roadster design is maintained
Scratch and shatter-proof acrylic plastic
Complete set with all attachment hardware
Smoke grey
With ABE
R 1200 R (height: 350 mm)

Fits: R1200 R (-2014)