Cockpit-väska - K1600

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Cockpit bag K 1600 GT - black

The refined and fitted Wunderlick cockpit bag fills the unused spaced between the windscreen and instrument cover precisely and unobtrusively.
It attaches in an instant via velcro and two and Tenax closures and protects everything you need close to hand.

The facts:
No restriction of screen mobility
Nothing rubs or flutters
Safe and simple attachment
Blue inner lining allows for clarity and things can no longer disappear into the cracks
Water-repellent, Teflon-coated CORDURA, high-strength and non-abrasive, internally coated
Waterproof zip closure
Approx. 25 cm wide, 20 cm deep and 5 cm high
Grippy zipper, can be used easily even when wearing gloves
Made in Germany & Europe

K1600 B
K1600 Grand America
K1600 GT
K1600 GTL