Daytrip bag

550 kr
Inkl. 25% Moms
Finns i lager
Seat Bag TripBag 12 litre

Simply push the bag onto the original luggage rack and secure it with the straps to the passenger grab handle.

The facts:
12 litre capacity
No reduction in mobility
Embossed, stable external walls for the best possible protection of the contents and a stylish appearance
Self-securing watertight and dustproof zippers
Perimeter reflective strip
Waterresistant special material. Strong and wear-proof. Coated inside
Waterresistant blue lining material makes it easier to see inside the bag, preventing items from disappearing into stitching etc.
Easy to secure
Perfectly secure fit – remove and refit in the blink of an eye
Non-slip mounting
Low weight

F800 R/S/ST/GT

R1200 GS
R1200 GS LC
R1200 S/ST