Diagnosverktyg GS-911 wifi OBD-II

4 338 kr
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Diagnostic tool GS-911 WiFi Version OBDII (EURO 4)

The GS-911 is a diagnostic tool to execute diagnostic functions like "Error – read and delete" on modern BMW’s motorbikes. It consists of a GS-911 Interface for PC´s with USB connection and the GS-911 diagnostic software.
Depending on the model there are three versions with WiFi data transfer available. They can additionally work on Win Mobile (5/6) or on Java based software or platform, independently on a browser over mobile terminal devices like mobile phones, smartphones and Blackberrys. The WiFi version is consequently also suitable for Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad).

The facts:
Hobby / Enthusiast version - storage of up to 10 chassis numbers possible.
Menu navigation in english and german language.
Service reset.
Error read /delete.
Data read / delete.
Actuators activate.
Reset adaptions.

Special features:
USB driver certified for Windows 8.
RDC (ReifenDruckCheck=Wheel Pressure Check) function – Train new sensors and their data..
One button to delete all errors at the same time!
Support of iABS-CAN (ABS3CAN) controller. (servo ABS Gen. 1 of CAN Bus models about 2004-2007).
Display of engine temperature, when stepping motor is blocked during the synchronisation.
Real time scope, graphic representation of measured values.
Reset "Removal until next Valve Clearance Check" F (K2x) and K (K4x) models.
Service functions.

This GS-911 wifi model is compatible with all newer EU-4 compliant BMW motorcycles with OBD-II connector ports. In addition, when used in conjunction with the female OBD-II to 10-pin adaptor cable this product is also backward compatible and supports ALL the previous models of BMW motorcycles that have round 10-pin diagnostic connectors.

In case you have an older GS-911 tool and need an adapter cable for use on Euro4 models with OBD-II connector, order the adapter cable WUN-44610-210.