Fälgar KITE, R1200 GS/GSA

8 813 kr
Inkl. 25% Moms
Kite Front wheel rim 2.5 x 19 - front
Kite Rear wheel rim 4.25 x 17 - rear

We were looking for special rims and wheels for the big Enduro and found them at the Italian manufacturer KITE. This company is very famous in the Enduro and Cross – sport section. This exclusive and proven quality of the rims is now also available for the R 1200 GS at a reasonable price. The aluminium milled hub and the high quality rim with stable spokes is not only very suitable for sports riders.
The great weight and stability advantage compared to the standard wheel is particularly useful on the road. Furthermore, the rims can also be used with tubeless tires and the original brake caliper. With black rims and blue hub.

Fits: R1200 GS (-2012) and R1200 GSA (-2013)