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Fälgset 19" fram + 17" bak
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Wunderlich KITE rims R1200 GS/GSA LC (-08/2016)

Pictures of the 19" + 17" inch set will be available soon.

Exquisite wheel rims for the big enduro. A very strong wheel rim for extreme stress and for more riding pleasure!
Kite matches the almost indestructible Alpina rim with the new STS patent to have an unique tubeless rim.
The facts:
High-strenght, light and complete rim for on-road and off-road.
First tubeless flat shoulder rim.
No bending with high stress.
Up to 800 grams lighter.
Low gyroscopic force = better handling.
Patented, hermetic nipple.
Very light, milled hubs with a pure aluminium body.
Rost-proof spokes/nipple and hard anodised rim/hubs.
Incl. ABS adaptation (new ABS ring included)
With Part of certificate of conformity.
No need for changes on the vehilcle.
Kite (a subsidiary company of Alpina factories) is specialised in the development and production of high strength and complete rims. With the new BMW rims, Kite eliminates one of the few real weak points on BMWs.

When cast wheels were previously mounted, then you will need 5x the item WUN-41962-100 rim screws M10x1.25x53 for retrofitting.