Förstärkning till oem motorskyddsbåge - R1200 GS/GSA LC

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Wunderlich reinforcement bar for the original engine protection bar - Set - silver

The rear, free end of the original engine protection bar for the R1200 GSA LC has no additional support against the frame. It thus represents the Achilles heel of the engine protection bar. In the event of a crash or a fall it tends to give way because the forces are not immediately transferred to the frame. This brings the threat of damage to the valve cover.
Our reinforcement bar reliably resolves this problem. It connects the rear, free end of the engine protection bar to the frame. This means the effective forces are also transferred via the bar to the suitable points on the frame structure. This measure therefore prevents the engine protection bar giving way and reduces the risk of damage to the valve cover. The construction of the reinforcement bar is designed so that its curving form ensures the dissipation of load spikes.
Precisely formed on CNC pipe bending machines, cleanly welded. The reinforcement bar integrates into the design of the original engine protection bar.
Increases passive safety for rider and machine.

The facts
Reliable protection in the worst case scenario
Distributes the effective forces over an additional attachment point
Dissipates load spikes
Quick and easy to install thanks to the smart connector to the original crash bar
Perfect fit
Set for right and left side
Increases passive safety for machine and ride
Stainless steel, glass bead blasted and electro polished
Pipe diameter 25 mm
Wunderlich premium product. Small batches. Made by hand
Wunderlich design
60 days right to return
Made in Europe
5-year warranty

R1200 GS LC (2014-)
R1200 GSA LC (2014-)