Fotpinnar, lägre - förare

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Inkl. 25% Moms
Footrest lowering kit - titanium

For many riders, even short-distance rides can be a torment: Their legs are bent too much, and the material of their trousers gets pinched in the back of the knee.
With these footrests, however, the feet extend downwards another 25 mm (~1”), leading to a relaxed and comfortable sitting position.
Off-road riding while standing up is now significantly more comfortable, and you are guaranteed to be able to switch between sitting and standing without getting tired.
Through this completely new design we have been able to lower the footrests to ergonomic advantage without the need to extend them outwards.Cornering clearance up to a high level is not affected. Made of strong aluminium, the footrest set can withstand the most extreme load conditions.
For optimum comfort you can still use the rubber inserts from the original footrests. Despite the 25 mm (1’’) lowering of the footrests, cornering clearance is unimpaired. You can easily reach the gear shift and brake levers, making your ride safe as well as pleasurable.

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F800 GS Adventure (2013 - )