Fotpinnesänkning - förare R nineT (14-16), R (-14), ST

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ERGO footrest lowering - black
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ERGO rider footrest lowering kit
Short distances could become a torture for many riders: an extremely acute knee angle leads to blood congestion and pain in the hollow of the knee. But our footrest lowering solves this problem; it provides a comfortable and ergonomic seating position.

The facts:
Lowering 21 mm.
Significantly more relaxed seating position.
Reduced, circulation-enhancing knee angle.
Elimination of painful cramps.
Considerably higher long-distance comfort.
Exactly to the footrest brackets contour customized installation with minimized shift for optimal lean angle.
Three-dimensionally milled from the solid, for optimal positioning of the original footrests.
Complete kit, ready for installation. No modifications to the vehicle necessary and no function is impaired (side case assembly, etc.)
Easy fitting.
Inclusive ABE approval (registration is not necessary).
5 year warranty.
Made in Germany.

In combination with the gear/brake lever enlargement "New Design" 26240 - this lever enlargement can touch the ground, during the right hand bends, depending on the load and on the suspensions adjustment.

R1200 R (-2014)
R1200 ST
RnineT (2014-2016)