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ERGO footrest lowering - silver

This footrest lowering has been developed with ergonomics in mind. It provides a relaxed and comfortable seating position and does not leave behind any postural damage , even after longer riding stretches. In order to achieve the optimal foot position, the lowering bracket had to be carefully machined from solid aluminium.
Long-distance comfort increases noticeably as the knee is set at an angle that encourages blood flow, preventing painful cramps. What arises is the feeling of being at one with the bike, and cornering becomes much easier.

The facts:
Significantly more relaxed sitting position.
Noticeably reduced knee angle.
CNC-machined aluminium.
TÜV tested.
The feet are approx. 20-30 mm lower and further forward.
We have adapted the contours precisely to match those of the footrest mount, and the low lateral displacement
yields the very highest level of cornering clearance. There’s no need to alter the original holder, no loss of
function, and the BMW-system panniers can be used as freely as before.

To ensure a secure contact, the surface of the footrest is always at the correct angle to the boot. Easy to fit.

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