Fotpinnesänkning - passagerare R1200 GS/GSA LC, R1250 GS/GSA, S1000 XR (-19)

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Passenger footrest relocation - silver

To make room for the panniers the pillion passenger’s legs have to bend quite a lot.This causes the material of their trousers to gathers painfully at the back of the knee, leading quickly to a cramped sitting position.
Fitting the Wunderlich lowering set will move the footrest down and slightly forward, leading to a relaxed and comfortable sitting position, even on long rides.Made of machined aluminium and anodised in silver. The product comes with all the necessary mounting parts.

There’s no need to alter the original holder, no loss of function, and the BMW-system panniers can be used as freely as before.

Lowered by 40mm.
Significantly more relaxed sitting position.
Significantly less acute knee angle.
Original footrests are retained.
CNC precision machined of high quality aluminium and anodised silver
TÜV approved.
Made in Germany

R1200 GS LC (2013-)
R1200 GS Adv (2014-)
R1250 GS/GSA
S1000 XR (-2019)