Gps-fäste K1200/1300 GT

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Navigation Device Bracket

At last the GPS/satnav device is positioned where you can see it. Now you can keep an eye on the display in more tricky traffic situations without having to take your eyes off the road for more than a split second. When, as many do, you fix the satnav to the handlebar clamps, the tank bag also often gets in the way and it is harder to reach the ignition switch.

The facts:
The device is optimally positioned in your field of vision.
Improved navigation with better safety.
Easier to operate.
Adjustable angle.
Simple to fit (no need to drill holes etc...).
Lightweight anodised aluminium.
Multifunctional. Compatible with: TomTom-Rider I + II*; BMW Navigator, all devices with claw adapter Garmin ZÜMO or every PDA (in conjunction with our MediaBag), cameras or video cameras ...
With DIN plug** and complete fitting kit for easy do-it-yourself mounting.
Made in Germany.

You can’t necessarily see it from the outside, but we have put a lot of work into the construction in order to make it easy to fit.

Fits: K1300 GT and K1200 GT (2006-)