Hasplåt "EXTREME"

3 602 kr
Inkl. 25% Moms
Hasplåt EXTREME - silver/svart
Beställningsvara. Levereras på 5-7 arbetsdagar.
Engine protection plate EXTREME - black-silver

Tripartite protection with replaceable individual elements. This allows an exchange of the individual parts, if necessary.Thanks to the tripartite construction, we were able to design a complex total protection.
Shock absorbing base plate: in contrast to the original engine protector, the protector TETRA EXTREME is installed on a solid, consistent base plate.It is connected by strong rubber mounts, which can reversible return to their original position after an impact.
A tear out of the threaded holes in the motor housing can be prevented and the base holder can not bend (in contrast to the original, which is installed rigidly.)

The facts:
Front raised and three-dimensionally angled = snagging is impossible
Raised head pipe protection
extended at the rear to protect the collector
no restriction of the ground clearance compared to the original
additional support frame for complete shock isolation between the protector and the motor housing.
4mm strong Aluminum
Slim design despite complete protection
Nearly indestructible thanks to the three-dimensional construction
No modification at the motorcycle necessary. Easy mounting.
All maintenance work possible without demounting
with inspection hole for oil change service
complete mounting kit
Made in Germany

This engine protector has already proven its ability on the tracks around Agadir and in many other races as well as in many other extreme tests.
Inclusive shock decoupling.

R1200 GS LC (2013-)
R1200 GS LC Adv. (2014-)