Hasplåt "EXTREME+"

2 598 kr
Inkl. 25% Moms
Wunderlich "EXTREME+" engine protection for F750 GS/F850 GS/GSA - with or without original engine protection plate - black or silver

The flawless engine protection in a slim design for the F 750/F850 GS/GSA reliably protects the engine and manifold from damage.
Due to the form and the resulting stiffness, it proved possible to significantly reduce the material thickness and thus also the weight.

The facts:
Aluminium engine protection moulded in a hydroforming process
Manufacturing process guarantees maximum stiffness and best possible protection
Protects engine, manifold and front silencer
Maximum ground clearance
The design means snagging is impossible
Additional carrier for complete impact decoupling between protector and engine housing
Maintenance operations possible with no dismantling
With inspection drill hole for oil drain screw
Complete fitting kit
5-year warranty
Made in Germany

F750 GS