Kamerafäste - R1250 RS

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CamRack R1250 RS - silver

The CamRack is a bracket that positions the camera in front of the windshield, keeping the camera free of vibrations and providing unshakeable hold and which sits as close to the centre of gravity of the 'rider machine' grounding system - only by doing so can the fluctuations along the vehicle's transverse axis ('pitching' motions) be kept in check while riding.
The CamRack meets these requirements perfectly. It attaches to the solid attachment points on the windshield, i.e. a sturdy pipe structure, that has been designed by BMW for absorbing the highest wind pressure forces.
This means that the CamRack sits here free of vibrations with an unshakeably firm hold.
The CamRack is attached using the screws and plastic washers supplied in the set, thus avoiding any damage to the windshield.

Motorcycle-specific camera bracket
Compatible with GoPro / GoPro Hero and similar cameras
Absolutely stable camera execution
Design harmoniously adapted to motorcycle type
Unshakeably stable and absolutely vibration-free
Delivery including all mounting parts
Simple assembly on the original points
CNC-milled aluminium
60 days right to return
Made in Germany

Fits: R1250 RS