Kraschpuckar - framaxel

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Crash protectors - black

Axis-protection pads DoubleShock
Keep the top yoke at a safe distance from the tar and prevent sustainably from enormous damage.

The facts:
Effective protection of the top yoke.
Ideal combination of crash bar/-pads, because the bike is now also protected by the axis pads.
Double protection against impact and sliding damage (thanks to the integrated damping layer).
Racing design for small friction resistance / shear forces at minor crashes or heavy lean angles and a progressively increasing frictional resistance with prolonged road contact.
High strength special plastic.
Safe and easy handling.
Fast and easy mounting.
Inclusive complete fitting kit.
Made in Germany.

R1200 GS LC
R1200 GSA LC
R1250 GS
R1200 RT LC

R1250 RT