Låscylindrar till "EXTREME"-väskor

325 kr
Inkl. 25% Moms
Locking cylinders for "EXTREME" luggage system

Set of locking cylinders for our Wunderlich "EXTREME" case set.

We offer simultaneously closing lock cylinders for our "EXTRME" luggage system so you only need one key for your luggage system. You'll need one set (2 pieces) of locking cylinders per case/top case. Please order the number of locking cylinders you need for your cases/top case.
WUN-30167-500 2 locking cylinders (e.g. for a top case)
WUN-30167-501 4 locking cylinders (e.g. for the case set)
WUN-30167-502 6 locking cylinders (for case set and top case)

2, 4 or 6 simultaneously locking cylinders for our Wunderlich "EXTREME" case set, two per case
Complete with two keys
Includes four rubber cover caps to protect against dirt and moisture
Compatible with
WUN-30167-300 "EXTREME" case set, pure aluminium
WUN-30167-301 "EXTREME" case set, aluminium, anodised in silver colours
WUN-30167-302 "EXTREME" case set, aluminium, black anodised