Lampskydd, galler, fällbart R1200 GS/GSA (-2007)

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Wunderlich lamp grill
A rock flying up and/or short off-road passages often mean the expensive destruction for the original head
lamp. The customary rigid head lamp grills or the original protector screen may only be used in off-road terrain
and the head lamp glass behind it is difficult to clean.
Our fold-away head lamp protector (up to 2007 models) protects the head lamp in all cases and can be simply folded down when riding on the road or for cleaning. For design reasons, the grill is rigidly mounted from 2008.

The facts:
Great protection for the head lamp.
No reflections or risk of glare to rider.
Easy to clean headlamp and grill.
Permitted for road traffic when folded down (up to 2007).
Can be quickly folded for off-road riding (up to 2007).
Easy to fit.
Robust, black coated metal construction.
In the case of violent impacts a soft silent block cushions the screen against the headlamp housing (up to 2007).

R1200 GS ( - 2007)
R1200 GS Adv. ( - 2007)