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1 956 kr
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Topcase rack "TOUR" - black, silver or chrome

This top case rack was designed exclusively to fit the large Original BMW top case of the R1200 RT, K1200 GT and K1300 GT.
It is a very elegant and simultaneously useful addition to your top case that allows you to carry additional gear along and/or those things that you wouldn’t want to put in your top case, such as wet rain suits, gloves etc.

The facts:
Sealed, robust attachment at four points. (the tubing has threaded ends)
Seamless precision steel tubing
Outstanding black, silver or chrome plated finish and workmanship.
Made in Germany.
Supplied seals create waterproof attachment points
Includes all necessary hardware and drilling template

Installation requires drilling four holes in your Top Case lid at specific locations. A bit of patience and mechanical skill is very helpful. Note that the front holes must be drilled at an angle. The proper tools to do the job are required.

K1200 GT (2006-)
K1300 GT
K1600 GT
R1200 RT
R1200 RT LC
R1250 RT