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Wunderlich Lifting handle foldable - silver or black

Lifting a motorcycle onto the centre stand is no easy task, as the leverage ratio is hardly perfect. This folding handle makes lifting the bike onto the centre stand much easier, especially when the bike is fully loaded.

The facts:
Fast deployment
Optimum leverage ratio.
Easy to lift bike onto centre stand.
Non-slip, grooved grip.
Fast folding mechanism.
Precision machined of high quality material.
Anodised aluminium.
Lightweight construction.
The mounting point on the rear footrest bracket can be chosen depending on rider height.
5 years warranty

R1100 GS
R1100 R
R1150 GS/GSA
R1150 R/R Rockster
R1200 GS (-2012)
R1200 GSA (- 2013)
R850 GS
R850 R/R Comfort