Lyfthandtag - K1600 GT/GTL

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Wunderlich Lifting handle foldable - black

There’s no way of propping up a BMW without a decent handle; the leverage ratios are unfavourable when the bike is fully laden.
Lifting the motorcycle onto the center stand can be a chore when the bike is fully equipped. The Wunderlich center stand lifting handle makes this task much easier. The hinged handle installs with an allen wrench and stays securely in place. Pull the handle out to lift the bike onto the stand and tuck it away when it is not needed.

In many situations there’s no other way of doing it than by using the lifting handles developed for and matched to each individual bike – at the very least it is safer and easier.

The facts:
Quick to fold out and fold away
Optimum leverage ratio
Easy and safe propping
Non-slip, corrugated grip
Fast folding mechanism
NC machined mounting
Anodised aluminium
Easy to fit
Position of lever can be individually adapted to your body size (various positions possible on the rear footrest bracket)

K1600 GT/GTL