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Wunderlich Outdoor Cover - blue

Our aim is to safeguard the value of your bike over the long term. It is for this reason that we have brought in top quality help. Our covers are made to take every conceivable change to the vehicle into account. With these prerequisites in mind we have commissioned one of the best-known European makers of protective covers to custom-make the covers for us, benefiting from his  expertise in the field of material.

The facts:
Soft, smooth protection with very good ventilation and optimal protection against all types of weather. We have selected a stronger material (rubberised fabric) that does not flap and if moisture is trapped underneath does not stick to smooth surfaces.
Resistant to cold and heat. 
Tear-resistant, soft, coated fabric.
Very dense fabric structure (protects against scratches and impact damage).
Integrated elastic cord for firm positioning. 
Optimal folding.
With transport/storage bag.