Motorskyddsbåge - F650/700/800 GS

2 473 kr
Inkl. 25% Moms
Wunderlich Crash bar "Basic" - F650/F700/F800GS - red or black

Can be fitted together with tank protection bar WUN-41580-002 or

Permanent all-round protection in two versions: As BASIC, with optimum protection mainly aimed at touring and road use, or as ADVENTURE for travelling and/ or off-road use.
Even the BASIC version is without equal and far superior to all the versions shown to date. The ADVENTURE goes yet further and complements the existing motor protection with a practically indestructible cage for bike underside and header pipe protection.

The facts:
Protection for motor and header pipe (ADVENTURE).
Fairing is safely protected by the bar.
Additional bars protect the lateral engine covers.
Indestructible protection for underside of bike (ADVENTURE).
In the event of a crash, the fairing protection bars prevent the bike from flipping over.
Sturdy mounting points and even distribution of forces. The connecting strut means that the forces are absorbed from all attachment points.
Attached to engine brackets, centre stand mounts (ADVENTURE) and engine mounting points.
All maintenance work can be done without removing the protection bars.
Elaborately crafted circular tube.
Ground and cornering clearance not compromised.
Detailed, easy-to-read instructions.
Easy to fit.
Low weight.
Powder coated titanium coloured steel tubes.
Made in Germany.
Large radiuses in the crash area transmit the forces in a measured fashion to the application points and prevent jamming.
Protection Bars BASIC Effective protection for fairing sides and motor.

Not compatible with original BMW aluminium engine protector

F650 GS (2008 - )
F700 GS
F800 GS