Motorskyddsbåge - R1150 R, R850 R

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Protection bar - silver

In order to finally combine perfect protection and innovative design, we have developed an all-round protection system based on our own ideas. The result has been a great success and the complex design work now keeps the R safe from damage. The bars form a homogenous line with the cylinders and the header pipes; rather than coming across as an alien element, they are integrated into the machine perfectly.
All mounting points have been designed for a tensile or compressive load. The leverage forces are distributed across all six mounting points in the case of a crash. The central mount provides uniform distribution and functions as a pivotal point, which incorporates all of the other suspension points equally in the absorption of forces in the case of an incident. No TÜV requirement (no registration etc. required).

The facts:
Uniform distribution of forces.
Strong mounting points.
Extra protection for headers and connecting pipes.
The sensitive threads in the engine housing cannot be stripped.
All maintenance work (oil change, valve adjustments etc.) can be done without removing the protection bar.
Carefully bent round tube.
No negative impact on ground or cornering clearance.
Mounts for auxiliary headlights.
Available in silver or coated in black.
Detailed, easy-to-read instructions.
Made in Germany.

R850 R (09/02-) - Not for R850 R Comfort
R1150 R
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