Motorskyddsbåge - R1200 RT (-2013)

2 925 kr
Inkl. 25% Moms
Engine protection bar - silver, black or chromed

Years of experience paid off yet again in the development of these protection bars: For the first time we managed to construct a perfectly shaped protection bar offering complete protection to the valve cover, which culminates at the bottom in a protective base frame that fulfils the additional function of providing a solid mount for the protection bar.
Altogether six mounting points absorb all impact forces securely, causing the engine protection bar to only absorb kinetic energy without damaging other components. The leverage forces are distributed across all six mounting points in the case of a crash. The central mount provides uniform distribution and functions as a pivotal point in case of a fall.
We believe this to be a real hit whose elaborate construction keeps the RT safe from harm. The bars do not look out of place: they blend in perfectly and give the RT the look of a long-distance tourer.

The facts:
Even spread of load
Protects cylinder and side fairings
Protection to oil sump and oil filter
Strong mounting points
Routine maintenance work can be carried out without removal
Precision bent steel tubes
Cornering clearance not affected
Silver, chrome or black version available
Easy to fit, no modification to bike needed.
Made in Germany.

Fits: R1200 RT (-2013)