Motorskyddsbåge - R1250 GS, R1250 R, R1250 RS

3 263 kr
Inkl. 25% Moms
Wunderlich Engine protection bar

The result of more than three decades of experience in constructing protection bars, we have developed this stylish and resistant engine protection bar that guarantees to deliver what it promises - safe, light, low-maintenance.

The facts:
Perfect protection for the cylinders and valve covers
Additional protection possible thanks to our optional crash bar expansion
Uniform distribution of the forces over 3 attachment points on each side of the vehicle, 4 attachment points with expansion
Protects both oxygen sensors
A connecting strut between both protection bar sides can be purchased optionally
No restriction of ground clearance
The crash bar runs directly over the manifold (front view) and with the contour of the Boxer
Plug-and-Play fit, so uncomplicated fitting is guaranteed!
Minimal weight
High quality stainless steel with high tensile strength and break elongation
The surface of the uncoated versions comes with a passive layer: if damaged, the surface can regenerate via exposure to oxygen itself
Tank protection bar and Micro-Flooter optional (not included in delivery)
Detailed yet easy-to-understand fitting instructions
Made in Germany
60 days right to return

R1250 GS
R1250 RS - Not with oem belly pan
R1250 R - Not with oem belly pan