Motorskyddsbåge - R850/1200 C

2 812 kr
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Classic chrashbar - chromed

BMW has created some unique cruisers that deserve to be enhanced and protected accordingly.
When fitted with the Classic crash bar, the C (all models) and CL appear even more imposing, and the tube thickness
deployed blends in with that of the headers. 38 mm tubing, perfectly shaped and given a flawless surface finish.
The rider can happily place his legs on the crash bar. The unexcelled level of precision allows quick installation,
and it will remain easy to remove the cylinder head cover in future.
Unfortunately (and embarrassingly) for us, our test rides provided us with the opportunity to test out the strength of the crash bar for ourselves.
The product’s strength really shone through: The bar was scratched (and the rider’s pride took one or two knocks),
but otherwise the damage was minimal.
No TÜV requirement.

R850 C
R1200 C