Motorskyddsbåge "SPORT"

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Inkl. 25% Moms
Wunderlich "SPORT" engine protection bar - white or black

The engine protection bar reliably protects the cylinders and valve cover. The all-round protection concept increases passive safety and thus the joy of the ride. In the event of a crash or fall, the effective forces are optimally distributed across the structure of the protection bar and the durable attachment points, thus avoiding high forces.
The engine protection bar is made from 16 mm, precision stainless steel tubing. The tube segments are formed and then clean welded on a computer-controlled CNC pipe bending machine. The Sport engine protection bar integrates visually into the design of the motorcycle but is a little smaller and more discreet than our normal engine protection bar.
The protective function and product design are the central focus with our protection bars. The engine protection bar formally emphasises the machine's contours. The surfaces are black powder-coated and thus add an additional accent. Maintenance work can be performed on the bike without having to disassemble the protection bar.

The facts:
Uniform distribution of the forces over 3 points per vehicle side
Perfect protection of the cylinders, valve covers
Maximum protection combined with minimal weight
No restriction of ground clearance
Plug-n-Play fit: uncomplicated assembly including detailed fitting instructions
Material: High quality steel with high tensile strength and break elongation
Pipe diameter: 16 millimetres
Low-maintenance: Work can be performed without disassembly
No ABE required
Made in Germany
60 days right to return

R1250 GS
R1250 RS
R1250 R