Pump - elektrisk 12V

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AIRMAN compressor 12V - black

With this small, high-performance electric compressor, not just tyres can be filled up to the correct pressure in the blink of an eye, anything else that needs inflating can be quickly filled with air too.
The compact and lightweigt Airman (only 0.6 kg) has a built-in pressure gauge.
It connects to the onboard 12V BMW type socket on your motorcycle, or to any regular cigar type socket. Suitable for use with a car, as it has a 3 m long power cord.
The Airman can pump up to a maximum pressure of 6 bar (~145 PSI). It is very robust and does not take up a lot of space (12.0 x 6.0 x 14.2 cm).
Supplied with operating instructions.

The AirMan may not function on bikes with CAN bus system. If your vehicle's power socket has a power limiter, it may be necessary to install an additional, independent socket.