Sadelöverdrag "COOL COVER" - R1250 RT, R1200 RT LC

1 086 kr
Inkl. 25% Moms
Seat cover »COOL COVER« - rider seat or passenger seat - black

This seat cover is the climate control for your original BMW bike seat. The air can circulate while riding because the cover is constructed in three dimensions and is eight millimetres thick. It doesn't completely compromise even with a lot of weight: Not only is the air permeability assured, but the seat even stays dry in the rain. The Cool Cover also doesn't heat up in sunlight. An additional benefit: It creates an effect resembling a massage and thus reduces the symptoms of tiredness.

Constant air circulation and cooling while riding
Keeps the seat dry even in the rain
Doesn't heat up even in full sunlight
Technical info
Easy to attach (Velcro closures and elasticated rubber bands)
Easy to wash
High seating comfort due to additional cushioning layer

R1200 RT LC (2014-)
R1250 RT