Sadel - förare - S1000 R/RR

5 425 kr
Inkl. 25% Moms
Wunderlich rider seat "AKTIVKOMFORT" - standard or high (+20 mm)

The AKTIVKOMFORT SportErgo seat delivers improved seat comfort and a better hold during hang-offs, thanks to the non-slip upholstery in the region of the thighs. Upon decelerating, more force is transmitted into the seat, which provides relief for all your muscles. In addition to this standard height seat, the rider’s seat is also available with a 2 cm higher cushion – which is especially ideal for taller riders.

Exchange service:
If you return your old seat within 14 days, you'll be reimbursed 2174 SEK for your old seat.
Thus the net price for the standard seat will be 3251 SEK and the net price for the higher seat will be 3795 SEK.

Please bear in mind that we can only accept returns of 100% undamaged, originally purchased and unchanged seats. Seats that have already been modified are excluded from the returns policy.

Other facts:
Noticeable strain relief for the knee joints (+2 cm version).
Strain relief for the coccyx (tailbone) and optimized weight distribution across the entire seat.
Progressive two-layer construction with soft top layer and firm core ensures even distribution of forces.
Sweat-repellent, non-slip seat cover, teamed with alcantara piping.
Seats are built on the original seat pan.
Stylishly stepped cut seams.
Design by Nicolas Petit (Paris).
Seams have been glued and heat-welded using modern PFAFF hot-air welding machines for 100% impermeability.
Made in Germany.

S1000 R
S1000 RR (2012-2018)