Skärmförlängare - F800 GT/R/S/ST

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Front Extender Fender

The original mudguard is much too short! The effects: The consequences are dirt-encrusted engine housings, clogged-up cooling fins, stone chip damage to the blades, engine housing or header pipes, and unnecessarily large amounts of water whipped up from the road.
This thermoformed ABS plastic mudguard extension, which exactly matches the original, puts paid to such problems. Very discreet yet efficient reworking of the front mudguard.
Comes complete with fitting kit for vibration-free and secure mounting. Indestructible black ABS plastic. Semi-gloss black - can be painted.
For the original mudguard. Easy to fit.

F800 R (-2014)
F800 S
F800 ST
F800 GT