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760 kr
Inkl. 25% Moms
Wunderlich Injection Covers - silver or black

The inlet assembly including duct, injector, connections and throttle sensor are always in danger of being torn off. Also, there have been several cases of someone finding it funny to remove the small black vacuum plugs on our long term testing bikes.
Water penetrates into the electrical connectors, caused by repeated contact with boots, trousers etc. We visually extend the cylinder unit and the unattractive looking injection system is not visible anymore, creating a new, dynamic unit. A uniform design that has not been seen before.

Protection for sensitive components (injectors, fuel line connections, inlet duct, throttle sensor etc.)
Prevents accidental (or “hostile”) unplugging or disconnecting of plugs and connectors).
Protection against wear for the complete injection and intake pipe unit.
Reduced risk of injury.
Shape of part makes it rigid and almost indestructible.
ABS plastic.
Robust attachment system (anodised aluminium).
Easy to install.
Complete with installation kit.

WUN-42940-201, -101, -202 and -102 fits:
R1200 GS LC (2013 - 2016)
R1200 R LC

WUN-42940-402 and -302 fits:
R1200 GS LC (2017-)