Skyddsbåge för sidoväskor - K1600 GT/GTL

3 251 kr
Inkl. 25% Moms
Wunderlich Case protection bar - black, silver or chrome

The side case protection bars are the ideal complement to our engine protection bars, but they can also be installed without them. They optically integrate to the bike and offer outstanding protection for the rear of the heavy K1600. If your bike were to tip over, the protruding side cases would surely suffer some damage. These bars effectively protect the side cases against such damage. Also when maneuvering in tight spaces, the bars can protect your bike from scratches and other damage.

Each side case protection bar attaches to the bike at three points so that in case of a fall, the impact is spread over all points and the energy is absorbed. Ground clearance and cornering clearance is not compromised. Available chrome plated or powder coated silver/black.

The facts:
Protects the side cases from side impacts and damage in a tip over
Fits K1600 GT and GTL
Three attachment points, each bar
Complexly shaped round tubing
Also provides a nice hand hold for the passenger
Additionally serves as a lifting and tie down point
Available in chrome, silver or black
Supplied complete with all needed hardware and instructions
No modifications to the bike required
Made in Germany

Fits: K1600 GT and GTL