Slipon Remus HEXACONE - F650 GS (08-), F700 GS, F800 GS/GSA (Euro3)

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Titan - Euro3
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Remus Hexacone - titanium

Perfect sound engineering - the perfect mix of sound, power development and low weight:
Even at the very lowest revs the F’s unique, bass sound is unexcelled.
Strong, balanced power development.
Strong performance gains across the whole RPM range.
Reduction in exhaust backpressure of at least 35%.
Significant weight saving of up to 3 kg (titanium) and fascinating look.
Durable construction (inside completely made of stainless steel).
Dual-system end silencer (removable muffler insert): Sports and racing silencer in one.
Easy to fit.
With EC model approval certificate.

Version includes connector pipe, model approval and complete fitting kit.

F650 GS (2008-)
F700 GS (2013-2016)
F800 GS/GS Adv (2013-2016)