Slipon Remus HEXACONE - K1600 GT/GTL (Euro3)

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Titan (Euro3)
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REMUS HEXACONE - stainless steel or titanium (Euro3)

The Remus Hexacone is the result of entirely new concepts of material blends, unique in the construction of motorcycle silencers. The REMUS HexaCone is a feast for the eyes, offering technical sophistication in combination with an extraordinary completely new design.
Perfect sound engineering - the perfect mix of sound, power development and low weight:

The Facts:
In the part load range the assembly sounds pleasantly muted; at higher revs the sound gets sportier without becoming overwhelming.
Strong yet balanced development of power.
High reduction in exhaust back pressure.
Weight savings of up to 5 kg.
Durable construction (inside completely made of stainless steel).
Dual-system end silencer (removable silencer insert).
Both end pieces are made of carbon fiber
Outer cover available in stainless steel or titanium.
Easy to install

Important installation note:
To install this muffler on your bike, you will need the appropriate connector pipe. The connector goes between the header and this silencer.
This is a slip-on silencer that fits the stock header. Not compatible with the REMUS racing header.

K1600 GT/GTL (-2016) Euro3