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Quick release clamp bolts for use without handlebar risers - black

An ergonomic star! When you cover long off-road stretches in a standing position you have to cope with the difficulties in reaching the hand levers and handlebar switches (you have to bend your hands sharply upwards to operate them). Since it is difficult to correctly operate the levers in such a way, there is also a considerable safety risk.
If you rotate the handlebar forwards, the levers and switches also rotate into the optimal position. Now they can also be reached when you are standing (just adjusting each lever etc. separately would be too complicated).
Our quick release clamp bolts with integrated ratchet mechanism make it possible to adjust the handlebar quickly (without any tools) in just two movements. The levers are easy to reach at all times and riding standing up is great fun. It is possible to switch between road and off-road position in just a few seconds.

Cannot be used with mounted original sat nav on the handlebar.

F650, F650 GS, F700 GS, F800 GS/GSA, G650 GS
F850 GS
F900 R/XR
R850 GS
R1100 GS, R1150 GS/GSA
R1250 GS/GSA