Spoiler / vindavvisare

1 412 kr
Inkl. 25% Moms
Spoiler Vario-ERGO 3D - R1250 RS and R1200 RS LC - clear or smoked grey

The individually definable spoiler edge eliminates the problems of the original windscreen. Turbulence and noise are thus greatly reduced.

The facts:
Individually installable add-on spoiler (incline, height, and distance to driver).
Optimal relief for helmet body and upper body.
Elimination of turbulence from and incorrect inflow of the original disc.
Easy adjustment.
Quick to install or remove.
Secure fit.
Weight-optimised, milled bracket mechanism for the RS.
Anodised dual aluminium.
Shatter-proof Lexan panel.
Width: 235 mm, height: 90mm
Available in transparent or smoke-coloured
with ABE.