Styrhöjare - R1250 R, R1200 R LC

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Wunderlich Handlebar riser ERGO+ - silver

A combination of riser and also a handlebar displacement towards the rider. The result is a significantly more relaxed touring sitting position and a true “touring” feeling.

Height increase of 35 mm and displacement of 25 mm to the rider.
Improved handling.
More direct riding feel.
Relaxed, upright riding posture.
Riding without tiring and with better control.
Anodised silver.
Individually milled from strong Dural aluminium
Made in Germany
Complete with bolt set.
ABE approved.
5 years guarantee

R1200 R LC
R1250 R

Before fitting the handlebar risers you have to mount and vent the clutch cable in a stress relieved way. Therefore we strongly suggest that you entrust this installation to a knowledgable and properly equipped technician. Position the handlebar to zero.

Note: Handlebar riser does not fit in combination with original navigation bracket.