216 kr
Inkl. 25% Moms
Wunderlich Spark plug tool
Safe and easy removal of the spark plug cap (or HT coil) without risk of damage to the coil. For good reasons, the original spark plug connector should not be removed with pliers or similarly crude tools: the ignition coil integrated into the cap can easily be damaged which will prevent you from continuing your journey. The original extractor often breaks with caps that are stuck and it also bends easily. With a extraction handle and additional transverse hole to pull out those stuck caps.

Spark plug sockets 14 mm or 16 mm
So you want to check your plugs or to change defective ones. If you don’t have the right plug spanner you won’t get anywhere. The lack of space on your bike doesn’t allow you to carry a standard plug spanner. So we’ve commissioned the renowned Gedore company exclusively with the task of creating a plug spanner to fit on your bike. Thanks to the cross-hole, in which you can insert a screwdriver, you can now also remove jammed spark plugs without breaking sweat. You can buy replacement plugs on the road, but you’ve got to have a plug spanner in your toolkit!