Tankpads - F750 GS, F850 GS

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Wunderlich tank protection pad 3-piece - black

The three-piece tankpad set is designed to match the design of the GS. The pads effectively protect against scratches, damage and abrasion at all contact points. The side pads improve knee closure and provide a more direct contact to the bike through increased adhesion. This significantly increases the driving experience and driving pleasure. The material consists of high-quality and non-slip black plastic, is shock-absorbing and slightly grained. The pads are self-adhesive.

Suitably matched to the BMW F 750/850 GS
Effective protection against scratches
The effective center pad protects against zipper scratches
Provides excellent grip, better knee closure, more driving feel and driving fun
Excellent shock absorption performance
Remains dimensionally stable even at extreme temperatures
Resistant to almost all chemicals

Material: Semi-rigid integral polyurethane foam
Thickness: 4 mm
Made in Germany

F750 GS
F850 GS