Tankskyddsbåge - F750 GS

2 598 kr
Inkl. 25% Moms
Wunderlich "ADVENTURE" tank protection bar - black or stainless steel

We have developed this elaborately constructed fairing protection bar for the F750 GS. It provides both the tank and the fairing with reliable protection and can be combined with our, the original BMW or other accessory engine protection bars.

The facts:
Perfect protection for the tank and fairing
High-quality, black or rustproof stainless steel
Resilient attachment points reliably absorb occurring forces and therefore prevent costly damage
Visually refined integration into the F’s design
Lightweight with a big impact
Detailed, easy-to-understand instructions for easy attachment
Can be assembled with any accessory engine protection bar, because it is assembled on the vehicle and not on the engine protection bar
Delivery incl. attachments
Made in Germany

Fits: F750 GS