Tankskyddsbåge - G310 GS

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Wunderlich tank crash bar G 310 GS - black

This tank protection bar is not only reliably protecting the tank, it is also protecting the fairing and the high vulnerable radiator. Furthermore the G310 GS becomes a distinctive and individual look.
Please note: The tank crash bar is only mountable in combination with our engine crash bar (Part-No.: 40573-002)

The facts:
Protection of radiator/fans, tank fairing and stam.
Suitable with Wunderlich crash bars and original crash bars, or any other cylinder guard.
Equal distribution of forces.
Strong mounting points.
Perfect fit.
Detailed and easy to understand instructions.
Easy mounting.
Made in Germany.
60 days right of return.
5 years guarantee.

Fits: G310 GS - only together with WUN-40573-002