Toppbox "EXTREME"

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Wunderlich "EXTREME" top case - alu, black or silver

No matter whether it's a trip on the motorway, to the North Cape or through the desert: These sturdy, light and simultaneously stylish "EXTREME" aluminium top cases go with you through thick and thin! They can be attached to the carrier with no fuss thanks to the quick release system. The special sealing system makes them totally dust and waterproof. The consistent use of exclusively high-quality materials makes our "EXTREME" luggage system durable. This is helped by the 1.2 mm crafted aluminium plate with stabilising swages (weight-optimised yet robust), the stainless steel shoes, the replaceable all-round protection on all corners as well as the protective caps for the locks.
Additional luggage such as our Rack Pack bags can be buckled on safely thanks to the added lashing rings on the cover. The top case lid is fitted with a practical luggage net on the inside as standard for everything you need close to hand while on the go: Rain gear, tools or a first aid kit.
After opening the lock, the cover can be opened completely and you can comfortably load from above.
The finish and greater shine of the silver anodised design looks more elegant compared to the pure aluminium design.

Simultaneously closing lock cylinder ? please order separately
We offer simultaneously closing lock cylinders so you only need one key for your luggage system. You'll need one pair of locking cylinders per case/top case. Please order the number of locking cylinders you need for your cases/top case:
WUN-30167-500 One pair of locking cylinders (e.g. for a top case)
WUN-30167-501 Two pairs of locking cylinders (e.g. for the case set)
WUN-30167-502 Three pairs of locking cylinders (for case set and top case)

Matching top case carriers
We offer the following matching top case carriers:
WUN-30167-201 top case carrier R1200 GS LC/R1250 GS
WUN-30167-202 top case carrier R1200 GSA LC/R1250 GSA
WUN-30167-203 top case carrier F750/F850 GS

The facts
Top loader, easy to load from above
Stainless steel lock system including discreet, stamped Wunderlich logo
100% dust and waterproof thanks to special seal
Lashing rings on the cover for additional luggage
Exchangeable corner protection made of impact-resistant plastic
Quick release for mounting on the top case carrier
One pair of locking cylinders are required per top case
Lock cylinder protected against dirt and moisture via removable rubber cover caps
Aluminium, high-strength, anodised in silver colours
Material thickness: 1.2 mm
Locks, screws and rivets made from stainless steel
Contents: 40 litres
External dimensions: 400 x 340 x 320 mm (width x depth x height)
Wunderlich design
5-year warranty

The following bags from Wunderlich can be attached to the cases:
WUN-25180-102 Rack Pack Wunderlich
WUN-25181-002 Rack Pack WP40
WUN-44160-000 Wunderlich "Elephant" top case bag